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Student and Teacher Resources

We've put together a collection of links to brochures, fact sheets, and videos that you can use to explain environmental issues in your classroom. These resources offer basic and clear information to assist students and teachers about stormwater pollution or generate discussion and further exploration of water pollution issues:

"BE THE SOLUTION TO STORMWATER POLLUTION" BOOKMARK - The Conservation District of Southern Nevada and Stormwater Quality Management Committee have published a bookmark on stormwater pollution. The bookmark includes a list of simple and practical "tips" students can use for reducing stormwater pollution. The bookmark includes colorful, artwork from the 2nd place winner from the Stormwater Pollution Poster Contest held this past spring. [The bookmark is designed to be printed on card stock then cut along guidelines. Print format: 8.5 x11 inches]
"PREVENT STORMWATER POLLUTION" BROCHURE - This brochure is published by the Conservation District of Southern Nevada and Stormwater Quality Management Committee as a guide to alert Las Vegas Valley residents that dumping litter or other common hazardous materials is harmful to our environment and our water quality. The brochure provides simple solutions that residents can do to prevent stormwater pollution in their home and community. [Print format: 8.5 x11 inches]
"DOWN THE DRAIN STORMWATER AND YOU" WORKBOOK - Produced by the Conservation District of Southern Nevada, this new stormwater pollution workbook was created to aid teachers in discussing stormwater pollution and teach students about the problems caused by stormwater pollution. Once students have completed the "Down the Drain Stormwater and You" workbook, then they can teach others what they've learned by participating in the Stormwater Pollution Poster Contest. [Print format: 8.5 x11 inches]

"CLEAR BLUE LINE" TEACHER"S GUIDE - Finding ways to maintain or improve water quality is an important task facing all urban areas. To affect a positive change in our surface water quality, non-point source pollution must be tackled. Given this, the Conservation District of Southern Nevada (CDSN) has brought together community partners to produce "The Clear Blue Line: Water Quality in the Las Vegas Valley" teacher’s guide contains interactive lesson plans relating to water quality and pollution prevention [PDF Format 1.8 MB].

H2O UNIVERSITY - H2O University is a website produced by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) to provide students and teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to become informed water consumers and conservers. The website is filled with resources to help you learn about water. Whether you're studying the water cycle or learning about the water pollution, the university is your source for water knowledge.
"AFTER THE STORM" - Co-produced by EPA and The Weather Channel, this new half-hour television program about the connection between weather and watersheds and the importance of watershed protection. VHS copies of this program are available from EPA at no charge.
EPA STORMWATER OUTREACH MATERIALS AND REFERENCE DOCUMENTS - The Environmental Protection Agency has developed a series of materials for students and teachers to use in the classroom about water pollution and watershed protection.

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