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Bus Stop Shelter Ad Campaign About Pet Waste
January 10, 2003

The City of North Las Vegas kicked-off a new bus stop shelter ad campaign that focuses on the proper disposal of pet waste. Pet waste is one of the biggest contributors to urban runoff pollution through every day activities.

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The ad campaign was funded by a grant from the Clark County Regional Flood Control District for public outreach about storm water quality. They chose to focus on proper disposal of pet waste as a reinforcement of the public service announcements. They produced 25 bus stop shelter posters that were in place from September through December 2002 (four months). The size of the posters was 4 feet by 6 feet. Total cost of artwork, production and placement was $8,000. A similar version of this message was also distributed to North Las Vegas residents via utility bills one month prior to the bus stop shelter posters being put in place.

One of the biggest contributors to urban runoff pollution is through every day activities. One area where we see this is in the improper disposal of pet waste. Often times when people walk their pets, they do not clean up their pet's waste. This can be a problem for a few reasons: Pet waste carries with it numerous bacteria such as the potentially harmful E-coli bacteria. This bacteria, through fecal matter, often makes its way into the storm drain, which ultimately makes its way into Lake Mead via the Las Vegas Wash.

There are very easy solutions to this problem:

  • Take a plastic bag with you to the park - when your loved one is "done", put the waste into the plastic bag and dispose of it in a trash receptacle.
  • Many parks throughout the Valley provide bags, look for the stands.
  • Pick up a "pooper scooper" from the Clark County Regional Flood Control District or the Las Vegas Valley Stormwater Quality Management Committee at various public events.
  • Regularly pick up pet waste in your yard to prevent waste from making its way to the gutter and storm drains

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